Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm sitting here looking out of my window - the burn at the bottom of the road's rising, it's pissing with rain and there's a high risk of snow.

I'd firstly like to extend my condolences to all those in Japan - I've been watching the footage the past few days with horror, and I saw the power plant explode this morning. I can't begin to imagine what they're going through out there, with the survivors having lost everything personal and basically having to rebuild their lives from scratch. Words don't mean much in these situations, but my thoughts are with them.

Somewhat closer to home. After Tuesday's track session I did 16M over the next two days - 10M on Wednesday (which I was out the door for at 6.57am) and 6M on the Thursday. Thursday was tough with high winds forming a few walls I had to almost crawl past (the met office reported 40mph winds for Fife).

Friday was slightly calmer and I took the opportunity to go to the track again. It wasn't the plan but I wanted to try extended sessions with the Mushas and I also thought a 5k tempo on the track might focus me more.

So the session was 3*1200 @ 10k (~4:55/rep) and a 5,000m tempo (aiming for ~22:30). 10k reps were 5:01/4:59/4:51 and I somehow got into my head that 1:40 was the pace I needed to hit for the tempo instead of 1:50/lap.

So an unintentional 21:05 5k tempo run but felt great during it (never above aerobic threshold aside from the quick last lap). Laps were in the range of 1:40-1:42 which was excellent pacing.

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